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Where is Thrace? Map of Ancient Thrace

Ancient Thrace map

Where were the territories of the Ancient Thrace Civilization Thracians are one of the most mysterious and intriguing civilizations that have ever existed. To some, they were barbarous tribes, while to others, Thracians were seen as great warriors and allies in epic battles such as the Trojan war. The borders of the lands they occupied […]

The Famous Thracian artifacts collection exposed in the Louvre

In 2015 was a special moment for the bulgarian history – Vasil Bozhkov’s collection was exposed in the Louvre Are there secret items from Vasil Bozhkov‘s personal collection in the exhibition of Thracian treasures in the Louvre? This question goes around social networks and triggers heated discussions. The exposition “Epic of Thracian Kings”, opened on […]

The Letnitsa Treasure

Letnitsa Treasure is one of Bulgaria‚Äôs most interesting archeological exemplars that happens to be found by accident like other antique discoveries. Some of them include the Valchitran Treasure, the Panagyurishte Treasure and many others. Dating back to the 4th century BC, the treasure of Letnitsa takes us back to the time of ruling of the […]