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The Famous Thracian artifacts collection exposed in the Louvre

In 2015 was a special moment for the bulgarian history – Vasil Bozhkov’s collection was exposed in the Louvre

Are there secret items from Vasil Bozhkov‘s personal collection in the exhibition of Thracian treasures in the Louvre? This question goes around social networks and triggers heated discussions. The exposition “Epic of Thracian Kings”, opened on April 15, 2015 in Paris, is made up of antiques owned entirely by the state. They are gathered from 17 Bulgarian museums – artifacts from the Panagyurishte treasure, Borosko, Letnishko, Kostinka, Mogilanska Mound, Duvanli, Kaloyanovo-Chernozem, Malmyrovo-Zlatnitsa, Strelcha, Maglzh, Sboryanovo, etc. are selected.

Items from the private collections in Bulgaria the curators refused to include in the exhibition, which provoked the wrath of some of their owners.

“Why deprive viewers from artifacts without analogue in Bulgaria, and in Europe? What is better for our authority – to limit ourselves to values from State museum funds or to present Thracian art and culture with their highest achievements? To put such restrictions is deeply undemocratic – says Dimitar Ivanov, chairman of the foundation “Arete-fol”. – Our collections are licensed by the Ministry of Culture, all our exhibits have passports. In recent years we have participated in many guest exhibitions – in our national museums and abroad. ”

The golden Wreath, owned by Vassil Bozhkov. Dates back to the second half of the 4th century BC. Hr.
The golden Wreath, owned by Vassil Bozhkov. Dates back to the second half of the 4th century BC. Hr.


The wreath from the Bozhkov collection (left) and the wreath shown in the Louvre (right)
The wreath from the Bozhkov collection (left) and the wreath shown in the Louvre (right) – The second one is from Zlatnitsa-Malmyrovo. It also dates back to the 4th century BC. Hr. But the two had nothing to do with it.

Kiril Hriskoskov – Chairman of Thrace Foundation, who takes care of the collection of Vassil Bozhkov, said in an interview at the end of 2014 in front of Slaveykov Square that they were purposely not included in the Louvre exhibition:

“Everything in the collection” Vassil Bozhkov “is registered, published in catalogues and repeatedly presented to the public, including in Europe. The first exhibition with objects we ordered in the European Parliament in Brussels. We were then invited to participate in an international exhibition in the Landesmuseum in Bonn, where ten of the world’s largest museums presented monuments from the Greek and Roman antiquity. In 2009 we made a remarkable event in the museum Voostoka in Moscow, accompanied by a scientific conference. The central Russian televisions and newspapers reflected the event. We were last involved in a major international exhibition in the Kremlin. We participated with more than 100 objects. The effect was overwhelming. ”

Followed the position of the director of the Louvre Dr. Jean-Luc Martinez-one of the curators of the exposition. He said that both their and the other state museums in France did not work with private collections.

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Unofficially, however, were included in the exhibition objects that are not owned by the state – this is one hypothesis which is launched on social networks. Another claims that one of the golden Royal wreaths was replaced by one of the collection of Vassil Bozhkov, for whom it was important just from vanity to see its antique in the most famous world museum, even if it does not see its name under the subject matter.

We decided to compare some of the objects shown in the “Epic of the Thracian kings” in Paris, with those from the exhibition “Thrace and the Ancient world” of Vasil Bozhkov in the National History Museum in 2011. We have high quality illustrations from the catalogues of the two Exposures. We chose objects that have some sort of similarity. But as you will see – despite some similarities, there is no single match.

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